Iron Intern® Retraction Systems

An Articulated Surgical Retractor, Designed to Mimic the Human Arm

The Iron Intern® Retractor, which mimics the human arm, is of much utility in General, Bariatric, and Transplantation Surgery. It is well adapted for laparoscopic surgery with the Grippers which are designed to hold laparoscopic instrumentation. When conversion to laparotomy is necessary, the retractor is of equal utility in providing exposure.”

Dr. Robert Greenstein

With wrist, elbow and shoulder-like movements, the Iron Intern® delivers total maneuverability, flexibility, and versatility for multiple procedures. Adjusting one wingnut positions retraction precisely, steadily, and safely.

    With the Iron Intern®, surgeons can configure and set up retraction to meet their access needs and obtain the best and safest exposure. It is made to the highest quality through Swiss precision manufacturing and holds multiple international patents.

    The Iron Intern® comes as a single arm or double arm in differing pole lengths. We offer a range of ring style frames to accommodate a vast spectrum of procedural needs. The Jumbo Iron Intern® is designed with powerful extra strength elbow joints to accommodate large bariatric patients.

    The Iron Intern® can be configured for a broad range of surgical specialties.

    • Mastectomy
    • Cholecystectomy
    • General Surgery
    • Bariatric
    • Laparoscopy
    • Vascular
    • Transplant
    • Oncology
    • Pediatric
    • Urology
    • Colon Rectal
    • Gynecology
    • Plastic Surgery
    • Orthopedics
    • Thoracic
    • Otolaryngology
    • Oral/Maxillofacial
    • Veterinary…

    3/D Swinger Rail Clamps

    AMP has developed highly sophisticated rail clamps. The 3/D Swinger Rail Clamps offer full 360˚ range of motion, great flexibility for set up, and are available in three design options.

    Iron Intern® Single Arm

    The Iron Intern® is available in a single or double arm configuration.

    Iron Intern® Single Arm available as 17”, 22”, 26”, 22” Jumbo or 26” Jumbo. Iron Intern®  Single Arm with Nathanson in MIS Liver Retraction.

    Iron Intern® Hydra Double Arm

    Both the Single and Double Arm are available in several pole lengths.

    Iron Intern® Hydra Double Arm available as 22”, 22” Jumbo or 26” Jumbo.

    Iron Intern® Features

    • Greater – Autonomy and control
    • Versatile – Single or double arm to configure for surgeons’ needs
    • Easy – An arm is all it takes. No frames, no handles
    • Innovative – 3/D swinger rail clamp allows 360 degrees of motion
    • Quick – One wingnut locks all joints
    • Efficient – Reduces procedural and OR time, staff and costs
    • Secure – Out of the way retraction with articulated design
    • Safe – Less risk of trauma through slippage or pressure on tissues
    • Reliable – Provides steady and precise positioning
    • Reduced – OR/ staff contamination



    • Great versatility with full 360˚ range of motion 
    • Most sophisticated rail clamp
    • Fixes arm to OR table
    • Easily loosened for repositioning
    • Tilts pole from side to side 180˚
    • Rotates pole up to 360˚



    • For use with the Stieber Rib Grip
    • Designed with two jaws for a superior hold
    • Allows smoother movement during surgery for adjustments – up or down or left and right
    • Locks on the top and bottom of the rail clamp



    • For use with the Stieber Rib Grip
    • Provides strong locking mechanism
    • Fixes pole to the table; Easily adjustable
    • Fits any OR table
    • Inserting grooves inside inner collar of table clamp allows vertical pole to be locked in place and to remain stable under very strong pressure

    Learn about available accessories and components, and suggested clinical set ups by clicking a link below.